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What is the number one culprit derailing us from our goals?

Would you say it's stress?

M'yeah, stress is a funny thing. It can make us feel and do things we normally wouldn't do. It can give us tunnel vision which could lead to us losing site of those goals.

So here's the next tip in helping us take a little breather and give ourselves a little more space - paint the room peaceful! Now, maybe you just painted or ain't got time to paint (c'mon we're in construction so there's always a project going right?), but you can certainly take a closer look at your working environment and see how it suits those goals.

Do you have a lot of natural light?

Is it too noisy? Is it too quiet?

Are you comfortable where you work? Or are your shoulders tight and back sore at the end of a workday?

How do the furnishings impact your productivity and efficiency?

Becoming aware of those surroundings is the first step to understanding what might be holding you back from physical, mental and emotional health.


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