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Our Industry | Company Spotlight - Constructing Opportunity LLC

Peggy Kenealy Newquist, is currently our local NAWIC Chapter Board president, but also a Principal at Constructing Opportunity LLC. She and her team have been working on putting out another Constructing Your Future women's event coming up this February. If you were at the last one (see photo below), then you know how awesome this can truly be!

The six-part series will begin Thursday, February 18th and run through July 15th.

The workshops are designed for anyone aspiring to move into a leadership role or for those already in leadership looking to hone their skills. Registration is limited to 20 participants

Topics to be covered include:

  1. “Like a Girl” – understanding the landscape of the industry, exploring the unconscious bias that holds women back in the workplace and discuss practical solutions.

  2. “Culture Matters” – understanding what defines company culture, what makes for a “good” culture and acknowledging the role company culture plays in shaping your career, strategies for researching and finding your fit will also be discussed

  3. “Communicate more Effectively” – recognizing the importance of effective communications in the industry, understand how gender perceptions can impact communication, create a plan to improve your communication skills.

  4. “Negotiate Like a Boss” – research shows that woman are less effective in negotiations, learn why this is so and what you can do to ace your next negotiation.

  5. “Leading People, Managing Tasks” – there is a dearth of leadership in the construction industry and now is the time to seize your opportunity. Understand the difference between leading and managing, recognize how gender shapes leadership styles, examine your own style and formulate a plan to enhance your skills.

  6. “Mentors, Sponsors and Bosses, Oh My” – mentors are important to career growth, sponsors are critical, do you know the difference? Learn how: to form your own “Career Board of Directors”; to make the “ask” for help and to “lift as you climb”.


Constructing Opportunity is the premier provider of leadership skills training to the A/E/C industries. Our Principals bring their unique combination of technical expertise in construction and experience in leading training functions to the clients. They have facilitated classes for all levels of leadership, including field foreman through project executives. They are focused on ensuring the next generation of industry leaders have the necessary skills they need to transition from doers to leaders.


  • Customized leadership development programs for all levels; including programs specifically for women

  • Targeted skill-building workshops

  • Development of company specific Women’s Resource Networks

  • Company specific mentoring programs

  • Gender awareness and inclusion consulting

  • Career path and Individual Development Plan consulting


The construction industry is facing a shortage of skilled professionals and research by FMI shows that “organizations with the highest employee retention have committed to a rich employee development culture.” Reports also show construction professionals rate access to training as a highly valued benefit. We believe those companies that support the ongoing professional development of their workforce will win the war for talent.

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